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Re: (ET) Fully charged pack voltage

There was much back and forth about batteries lately, almost too much for me to follow.  T. Humphrey posted useful voltage numbers and the fllwg may also be useful.  My T105's have 39 charge cycles (18 hrs per cycle) using the oem charger:
45.2 full chg
42.2 1 min
41.5 5 min
40.5 30 min
40.2 1 hr
39.6 3 hr
39.2 6 hr
38.8 24 hr
38.3 48 hr
38.2 72 hr

On Apr 23, 2009, at 9:28 AM, John J Casey wrote:

In my experience, the onboard ge charger takes my newish T-105's up to 44-45v over an 18 hour cycle, the last 3-5 hrs between 44.4 and 45v for cell equalization.  End the charge cycle and in a short time the voltage settles back to 39v.
On Apr 23, 2009, at 8:13 AM, Michael S Briggs wrote:

I just got a nice new pack of Trojan T-605s (slightly lower capacity than T-105s, with a proportionately lower price). I'm trying to figure out what the voltage of a fully charged new pack *should* be, and I have seen very different things as skimming through the archives.
My understanding is that the chemical reactions taking place in a lead-acid cell produce a potential difference of 2.13 Volts, so a fully charged lead-acid battery measured with a very high impedance voltmeter should measure that 2.13 Volts per cell, or 6.39V for a 6V battery, and 38.34 V for a 36V pack.
But, I have seen statements in the archives saying that a fully charged pack should have a voltage of 42V or so (various posts saying anywhere from about 40V up to 44V).



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