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Re: (ET) mulching

THanks for all the info, that helps a lot. So, it seems that the Gator Blades are a good way to go.



Michael S. Briggs
UNH Physics Department
(603) 862-2828

On Tue, 23 May 2006, Barry Woods wrote:

I am the member who is using the gator blades (although I believe there may be one other who is also.)

This is the third year of using the blades and have not encountered any problems. Yes, they do use more power (I don't recall the exact value I measured using Steve S.'s meter) but there has been no negative consequences. I only had one motor shutdown once and this was when mowing tall, wet grass.

The gator blades cut better than the standard Elec-Trak blades and work well in the fall to mulch leaves. They are louder, however, than the OEM blades due to their aerodynamics.

Gator blades do not require you close off your chutes. My deck is totally open, right discharge chute uncovered, no flap on the rear and no baffling under the deck. The gator blades were just slightly larger the standard blades and hit the baffles. The deck works fine without them.

If you read the gator blade literature you will see the small wings on the blades are designed to throw the clippings straight up in the deck so they will fall back down over the blades.

This is apparently true as there is little discharge from the side or back deck openings.