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Re: (ET) tires and tubes...


Hard to add to all the good advice. I use a rope and a pipe or something 
to twist it ,
The rope centered around the tire. Twisting the handle thightens the 
center and spreads
the bead back onto the rim. A compressor sure makes the job a whole lot 
easier. I have
never been without one at the house or shop for at least the past 45 
years. Even one of
the 12v models would help. A one inch  cargo hold down strap also does a 
great job.

The 4.8/4.00 is the width.

I want to hear more from Neil about the foam. "Great Stuff" I presume, but 
how does it
hold up in the long run?  I have often been tempted to try it in tires. 
The "remains
flexable" type would work the best I assume. I am somewhat concerned about 
ever getting
it apart if it does not work. Slime available at the auto supply can be a 
big help as
well, as it prevents leaks and seals punctures on the fly.


dave barden wrote:

> Well I neglected to check the tires before driving my E12 out of the 
> garage today.
> Consequently I suceeded in pushing the tubeless tire right off the rim 
> that is broke
> the seal.  So I'm thinking the best (read easiest) solution might be to 
> simply throw a
> tube in it rather than wrassling with trying to get the bead to reseal.  
>  The tire
> sidewall reads something like 4.8/4.00 - 8.   The 8 is the diameter I 
> take it but what
> are the 4.8 and 4.00??   I don't have an air compressor available so 
> that's why I'm
> thinking tubes.  Any comments/suggestion??
> thanks,
>     dave