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Re: (ET) cordless electric mower

If you are randomly blowing fuses for no apparent reason, try the same
amp fuse but a different type - a time lag. We used to call them 'slo
blow'  but the difference is only microseconds - the thing is that they
will withstand a high 'turn on' surge or reactive transient.  If it's a
'mini' fuse and you can't fet a time lag to fit, change the fuseholder to
conventional 3AG ( old automotive) size.
    The same thing happens to some, especially solid state TV sets etc
that came equipped with a time lag after some dunderhead replaced it with
a conventional fuse.

Advice from one who spent near 30 yrs repairing home lectronics (before I
got smart and quit that rat race against throwaway foriegn sourced
craptronics.) (At present do not even own a TV set.   Consider em a time
sink that brainwashes people. 

Weymouth MA

On Sat, 22 Jul 2006 09:25:10 -0400 "Joel Parks" <et jpjt net> writes:
> Hi Paul,
> the "site at Tufts" is the mailing list archive for the elec-trak 
> owners 
> email list.  You probably knew that.
> I own a Ryobi 2400 and have loaned it to a friend since I have a 
> Elec-trak 
> E15 tractor that covers my needs right now.  (I get enough exercise 
> cycling 
> to work and playing ultimate.)
> My mother has a Neuton I bought for her, and she loves it.  She's 
> been using 
> it for 3 or 4 seasons now, and she's 77.
> You might try taking the mower to an electronics or appliance repair 
> place. 
> The capacitor value is not likely to be critical, and a good 
> technician 
> should be able to figure out what is going on and repair the 
> circuit.  It's 
> not rocket science in there (not that I could do it, but anyway...)
> I bet the reason they discontinued it was some combination of the 
> following:
> - fewer moving parts = less opportunities for typical lawnmower 
> repair shop 
> to fix it
> - relatively expensive warranty service, due to poorly treated 
> batteries, 
> and that pesky internal fuse in the charger
> On my mower, I found that there was an internal fuse in the charger 
> that 
> couldn't be changed without taking the cover off and opening up the 
> charger 
> box.  After the third time it blew, I wired in an external fuse 
> holder and 
> mounted it in the panel near the charging light and life was better. 
>  I 
> guess the reason it blew so often for me had something to do with my 
> flakey 
> garage wiring and turning on some other high-amp tool while the 
> charger was 
> running.
> I also replaced my battery after about 8 seasons.  Wow what a 
> difference 
> that made in range.
> Anyway, based on my experience the best thing for you to do is get 
> the Ryobi 
> fixed.  Second best is get a Neuton with a second battery (or even a 
> third 
> if your yard is big).
> Good luck,
> Joel
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> Sent: Friday, July 21, 2006 6:12 PM
> Subject: cordless electric mower
> Dear Cordless Lawn Mower Lover,
> I saw your posting at
> http://www.repairfaq.org/samnew/lmfaq/lmcomelem.htm
> (or else from a site at Tufts) but I can't tell from the site how
> long ago you posted.
> I bought a Sears (Ryobi-made) 24V 18" cordless mulching electric 
> push
> mower in 1994 and have used it for 10 seasons. This summer I just
> bought my second replacement battery, mowed a couple of times, and
> the mower went dead. Took it to Sears and paid $35 to find out that
> they say they can't get the parts to fix it. Took it apart myself 
> and
> can see a bad capacitor and a burnt area nearby.
> I really liked the mower, even if it couldn't mow high grass and the
> cut quality wasn't so great, since I appreciate not having to wear
> ear protectors in the heat.
> So now I have a great new $100+ battery for a dead mower and am
> inhaling fumes from a gas mower that I inherited from my mother and
> keep as a spare (for situations like this or really tall grass).
> Ideally, I should pair up with someone who is looking to unload a
> working Sears/Ryobi (who would be so foolish?) or else is looking 
> for
> a battery or other parts for one.
> I certainly want to have a cordless mulcher. Which if any of the
> following are still available?
> ---Sears/Ryobi model that I have (Ryobi BMM2400 Mulchinator?) (would
> be nice to be able to use that battery---otherwise, anybody want
> it?)---why don't they sell it any more??
> ---Toro 24V, 36V
> ---Lawn Boy 24V, 36V
> ---Makita 24V UM401DW
> Prefer mulcher, so not (yet) excited about
> ---Sunlawn EM1 reel lawnmower
> ---Brill Accu reel lawnmower
> I have seen for sale currently
> ---B&D CMM 1000
> ---Neuton
> ---Bully: 12 V only
> Our house is on half-acre lot, and mowing (good exercise) takes 45
> min w/ 22" gas mower, over an hour with 18" cordless; it could be
> useful to have a model in which spare battery can be switched in
> easily.
> Then there are the robot models, of which the
> ---Toro iMow
> is in the same price class at $500 vs. the
> ---Friendly Robotics RL850 and RL1000 Robomower, which are two to
> four times as much.
> But I prefer the exercise anyway.
> In summary: I would appreciate any advice or help you have to offer.
> Thanks,
> Paul Campbell
> Beloit, Wisc.
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