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Re: (ET) especially for Chris Zack

What inverter and charge controller?

have you been down to the DC Mall to see the solar
decathalon? ends sunday the 16th
18 self contained zero energy houses with a
neiogherborhood electric vehicle, 4 seater, that
totally run on PV.
1 house with fuel cell and H2 generator, rest battery
with 1/2 using Xantrex and 1/2 OutBack Power, some a
UMd has 51, 185watt BP panels! 
> I am seriously thinking of getting a 3600 watt
> inverter and rigging the 
> Elec-trak as a house backup pack. With 160ah of
> flooded NiCDs I should 
> be able to run the fridge for a few days (for
> example)