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(ET) Need a lot of detalied how info

Ok  I asked about these problems last fall but never got around to
working on them, as the ET was parked all winter.  Now with grass
growing quickly taller then the bunny hiding the Easter eggs, I am very
motivate to solve these problems. 

First of all I have an E15 and I have never done any work on any ET so
please bare with me, and be pretty detailed with your recommendations.
I do have a Multimeter, and know a "little" about electricity.

The first problem is for some reason the ET started pegging the usage
meter in the upper speed ranges.  All is fine in the first couple
ranges.  If I remember correctly it was some sort of resistor bank or
something like that that you guy/gals said was most likely the problem.
So where do I start, What do I check, where is it located, and how do I
test it, and replace it.  Where do I get the replacement parts. Etc

The second problem is that my charger does not seam to be working.  It
dose hum, and it defiantly draws current as the cord get warm, but there
is no voltage on the output side.  Once again,  What to I check, where
is it, how to I test it, and where do I get replacement parts.

Thank you! Thank You! Thank you!  In advance for your help.