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Re: (ET) Need a lot of detalied how info


If the tractor doesn't move in the higher speeds, the field weakening
resistors might be broken. Or it could be a stuck relay. If the current 
but the tractor goes faster that's kind of life. Weakening the field
increases the current draw a lot for more speed.

As for the charger, there are other people better equipped to answer this
one. Bill Gunn has the parts.

Or you could go solar.


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Subject: (ET) Need a lot of detalied how info

> Ok  I asked about these problems last fall but never got around to
> working on them, as the ET was parked all winter.  Now with grass
> growing quickly taller then the bunny hiding the Easter eggs, I am very
> motivate to solve these problems.
> First of all I have an E15 and I have never done any work on any ET so
> please bare with me, and be pretty detailed with your recommendations.
> I do have a Multimeter, and know a "little" about electricity.
> The first problem is for some reason the ET started pegging the usage
> meter in the upper speed ranges.  All is fine in the first couple
> ranges.  If I remember correctly it was some sort of resistor bank or
> something like that that you guy/gals said was most likely the problem.
> So where do I start, What do I check, where is it located, and how do I
> test it, and replace it.  Where do I get the replacement parts. Etc
> The second problem is that my charger does not seam to be working.  It
> dose hum, and it defiantly draws current as the cord get warm, but there
> is no voltage on the output side.  Once again,  What to I check, where
> is it, how to I test it, and where do I get replacement parts.
> Thank you! Thank You! Thank you!  In advance for your help.