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Re: (ET) Possible CD-ROM

I'll clarify my comment about copying the CD, I meant as an alternative to
having a company do it. I'll be happy to produce the CD for Bill to sell to
save money. I can't imagine that we would need more then 75-100 copies,
which would require a few hours to make. I would hope that people involved
with Elec-Traks would not buy the CD and then copy it and sell it on eBay,
but it will happen to small degree.

There are copy protection methods you can use to prevent home copying, or
at least make it harder for the average user. I have a vague understanding
of them and I think we could implement something like that to slow people
down. That only prevents access to the interface though. Any universal data
files like PDFs or DBAs would still be easily accessible unless they were
encoded, which is over my head.

Also, good point on Access being platform specific. I believe MS Foxpro for
Mac or Filemaker Pro can import an Access database, but that won't help the
average Mac user. That means Acrobat unless we use a browser interface? We
would lose searching capabilities but we could have a hyperlinked table of
contents and index. Plus if used a browser interface then we could use
javascript security on every page (which is essentially the data) to make
working with a copied CD a pain in the butt since you would have to open
each page in a text editor, remove the javascript, and then save it to your
hard drive. There isn't any way to stop everybody from pirating the CD if
they want to but we could make it hard anyway :-)

Jeff Tickner
C/S Developer
SoftLanding Systems
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My point exactly. With the cheap technology available today why spend the
time/money to produce a limited sales item. If say someone was to put out
the effort and make a fully searchable database of the Electrak and sell it
for say $100. How long before it showed up on Ebay? Also who out there
spend the $100 or more for such a CD? As far as the copyright fees if
Any thoughts?