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model bell

   The new education/docent coordinator/outreach person at Old North
(I've forgotten her name and title) would like us to have some sort of
model bell that the docents leading the behind-the-scenes tours can use
as part of the demonstration.  Kerry suggested the one  offered for sale
at Pam Copson's site:


   I have been trying out (clinking my ring against) the various flower
pots at the Salem Street Ace Hardware and am intrigued at the idea of
trying to make a little bell on a wheel. I suppose it would hang down in
front of the bookshelf.  We'd have to move the wood block out of the
way, and (more difficult) make the mechanism.  I am planning to email
David Town, who makes small wheels, to get his advice. Remember that
mini-rings don't necessarily have sliders and stays. This would make it
easier to design but less accurate for showing the tourists what we do.
  Any ideas?
Laura Dickerson