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Re: model bell

Hi Laura-

I'm glad they'd like to show a bit more about ringing. Making a flower pot ring sounds like a fun project, but for the purpose of explaining to tourists, I think it's better to have the stays and sliders. The miniature bells I've seen in DC and at the Advent don't seem to swing right, making them good for demonstrating how a bell is hung but less good for showing how it moves when rung. The model Kerry suggested might not cost much more than making something, and seems like it would do the job and take up less space. On the other hand, if you want to make a whole flower pot ring for fun at ringers' parties... :)


At 04:40 PM 6/6/2005, Laura Dickerson wrote:
   The new education/docent coordinator/outreach person at Old North
(I've forgotten her name and title) would like us to have some sort of
model bell that the docents leading the behind-the-scenes tours can use
as part of the demonstration.  Kerry suggested the one  offered for sale
at Pam Copson's site:


   I have been trying out (clinking my ring against) the various flower
pots at the Salem Street Ace Hardware and am intrigued at the idea of
trying to make a little bell on a wheel. I suppose it would hang down in
front of the bookshelf.  We'd have to move the wood block out of the
way, and (more difficult) make the mechanism.  I am planning to email
David Town, who makes small wheels, to get his advice. Remember that
mini-rings don't necessarily have sliders and stays. This would make it
easier to design but less accurate for showing the tourists what we do.
  Any ideas?
Laura Dickerson

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