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(ET) Ryobi Push Mower BMM2400

I gave a Ryobi BM2400 lawnmower to my daughter and her husband ~ 5 years
Bought it used, I mowed with it for 2 years before giving it to them.
He recently replaced the Celltec batteries I had bought for it.
They lasted 5 years, so I was happy with that.

I am trying to diagnose this from 1000 miles away, so I need help from
the group.

When you charge it has a light that is red, and then goes to green when
the charge is finished.
He now sees no light, but when unplugging the 120v cord, the green light
will flash on.
When plugged back in again the green light will come on.
Besides this problem the new batteries are now sluggish. He went back to
where he bought them, and they load tested one, said it was bad, and
replaced it.
They said that the other battery was fine, but the mower still is
I'm not sure if it's fully charging, or there's some other problem.

Any help on how to diagnose the problem ?

Elsberry, MO

Mower resides in Ft Collins, CO