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(ET) Pictures of my E15 set up for leaf collection

Hi Folks,

A while back a few of you folks wanted me to take pictures of my E15 set 
up for leaf collection.  I took some pictures today, and they can be seen 


I warn you that my E15 is a working tractor, not a show piece.  And the 
cart I used was pretty rusty before I converted it to leaf collection as 
an experiment.  Well, the experiment has been working for about 10 years, 
and now the cart is in serviceable but pretty bad shape from outside 
storage.  I used 2 x 4s to frame a large box over the steel cart, and 
wrapped them with scrap felt from where I work.  The top is a steel wire 
mesh to keep the leaves in and let the air out.  But it holds about 2-2/3 
cubic yards, and with the number of leafy trees I have, I need every bit 
of that volume.  Even though the leaves are partially mulched by the deck, 
I fill this cart 6 to 10 times every year depending on how the wind blows.

The blower was from a smaller GE supplied bagger, which I believe is the 
same blower as GE used on their yard and/or parking lot vacs.  With the 
blower in place I cannot access the rear batteries, so I check them for 
electrolyte level before I install the blower, which stays in place for 
the entire leaf collection season.  But when I charge the batteries I use 
a small piece of wood to hold the rear seat open as much as I can to vent 
any hydrogen gas.

Bill Gunn supplied the rear to side discharge baffle kit, and the adapter 
that replaces the side discharge chute with the side discharge hose 
adapter.  The hose is 6 inch diameter vinyl, which may need replacement 
due to age because it is getting pretty inflexible.  

The blower is powered via a rear electrical plug wired to the PTO relay, a 
kit once supplied by Bill Gunn.

Hope this satisfies the curiosity of all those who wanted to see my leaf 
collection set up.  Feelfree to ask questions.

Steve Naugler