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Re: (ET) Quieter Tranny

All those bigframe trannys are basiclly identical.   I refill with 80W
gear lube into which I add a little Lucas which increases the
'stickiness' of the oil so it carries around better.  I prefer 80W over
the old 90 as I run both tractors in winter to blow and to plaow snow. 
If you can't get Lucas,  the old standby STP or motor honey will do the
same thing.  This sticky stuff should be premixed with the lube before
you put it in otherwise it will just lay there stickily stuck to the
casting.  BE SURE to fill her well over (maybe 1/2") the fil plug level
as in the other email.

Drain it well it's likely got water in it if it's been that long.

Needless to say, the gear that she was previously used in the most will
be the noisiest.

Weymouth MA

On Wed, 13 Sep 2006 08:58:30 -0400 "Banks, Michael J."
<mbanks protopower com> writes:
> This was in reference to an E-20.   I have an E-12 that has a tranny
> that isn't as quiet as I think it should be.   Plus, I doubt it has 
> ever
> been drained.   Is this the same procedure for the E-12?   What 
> should
> it be refilled with?
> --David C Robie <mycroftxx1 juno com <mailto:mycroftxx1%40juno.com> 
> >
> wrote --
> Quieter tranny - - it may have water in it.  Also - to fill it, jack 
> up
> the rear end (be careful)
> as the filler plug is to low not everything gets enough lube in 
> there. 
> When you drain it be sure it's done completely. I usually leave the
> drain
> and fill plugs out overnite and blow some comressed air into it to 
> speed
> the drooling out before leaving it to drain. Also, if she's stored
> outdoors, make up a rubber boot of some sort to keep rain out of the
> shifter where it goes into the tranny.
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