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Re: (ET) Repairs

We're independent ,,each does his own maint often with hip help from this
board, and spread all over the country and Canada.  Most on this board
are tech with ET experience.  We have a parts source.  Hearing the name
you sound like EAA people and in CT if you are totally in the dark you
could get help from Bill Glickman or Bob Rice, both of em NEEAA from your
area,  fullsize Epeople with Etracks and Etrack erudite.  But you may not
need their help.  State your problem.
Weymouth MA

On Mon, 07 Aug 2006 13:03:32 -0400 Arnold Sabatelli
<asabatelli adelphia net> writes:
> Are there people out there who do repairs on Etracks, or are you on 
> your
> own?  I'm comfortable with basic stuff, but judging by my lack of
> understanding of some of the discussions on this list, I'm starting 
> to get
> e-track cold feet. If my feet get cold enough, I may soon have a 
> whole bunch
> of e-track equip. up for sale, and go to a diesel tractor and run 
> biodiesel
> (which I'm running in my VW) I'm in SW CT.  Thanks,
> --
> Arnie Sabatelli 
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