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Re: (ET) Repairs

Look, don't get cold feet.  Jump right in.  Many of us here get a little
afraid when reading those Electrical Engineer posts.  But when you need a
question answered, it will get answered.  

I know a little, but not much, about this stuff.  Here's the steps I take:
1. I do the research first, search the list for answers, try stuff.
2. Post a question, specifically stating what research I have done and what
my knowledge level and understanding is.
3. Promptly try every suggestion, and give feedback.
4. Help anyone who asks the same question as I did, in the future.

I have NEVER POSTED A PROBLEM that did not get resolved by this group.

Perry Cain

   "Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2006 13:03:32 -0400
    From: Arnold Sabatelli <asabatelli adelphia net>
    Subject: (ET) Repairs
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    Are there people out there who do repairs on Etracks, or are you on 
    own?  I'm comfortable with basic stuff, but judging by my lack of
    understanding of some of the discussions on this list, I'm starting to
    e-track cold feet. If my feet get cold enough, I may soon have a whole
    of e-track equip. up for sale, and go to a diesel tractor and run
    (which I'm running in my VW) I'm in SW CT.  Thanks,
    Arnie Sabatelli"