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Re: (ET) 12M brake disc

On 7/17/06, tbamc <tbamc gbta net> wrote:
My pedal wasn't returning well--without some encouragement from me.
Lubed several places and that's better, but while under there I noticed
that the brake disc (not the cast iron set up) was flopping a bit rather
than solidly locked to the axle.

Hi Thon,

Don't know about the disc issue, but my brake pedal (New Idea EGT 150)
was having a hard time returning too.  I noticed the return spring
just wrapped around the pedal arm, which meant it would slide down
against the pivot bushing and so not get very much leverage.  I
drilled a hole through the pedal arm as high as I could.  Everything
was all still assembled and I was working under the foot boards, so I
only added maybe 1/4" - 3/8" of leverage.  That was enough - the brake
pedal returns consistently now.