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Re: (ET) FW: ge pulling

I think....take that for what its worth....

that the Klixon is not really measuring the temperature of anything but 
itself. Its just a simple circuit breaker, it
heats up because of the current flowing through it and when enough heat 
has built up it opens, assuming that since it
heated up the motor must have heated up also. The problem with that is.... 
these are old units, more than likely the
contacts aren't as good as they used to be and they will heat up and open 
faster than originally designed.

I had to bypass the one on my snowthrower. It opened and wouldn't reset. 
It was only 10 degrees outside so I wasn't
too worried about the motor overheating, it does get warm quite though. 
Makes a nice finger toaster after running
through deep snow.

Stay Charged!
"Ignorance is treatable, with a good prognosis. However, if left 
untreated, it develops into Arrogance, which is often
fatal. :-)" -- Lee Hart

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> Hi Matt,
>> When I was pulling IC's I used 26x12x12 cheveron tires. (
> Yep, thats what most of the other tractors in the 500kg/1100lbs category
> also used, but for a stock E20 I thought the 23x10.5x12 is large enough, 
> I
> may be wrong.
>> At low press. the tire curls and forces the tread to bit the track. I
>> had belt problems with my GE and the breaker on the motor.
> I read about the belt problems from others and made sure that they are
> tight. My belt still slipps a bit if I try to start from a stand still in
> the D2 gear by quickly pushing down the accellerator all the way, but I 
> did
> not want to hurt any bearings by overtightening. During the pull I had no
> problems of the belt slipping.
>> If I
>> ever got one to
>> mess with again I would take that off and unhook the field weakning
>> stuff.
> I did that in my second run. I didn't use the field weakening.
>> ( wont need it on a good pull) Have some ideas on a super mod. for one
>> but IT could all go up in smoke (or flames) burning batterys suck and
>> steank.
> Yep, I felt pretty dumb when I had to push the tractor after the first 
> pull
> due to the klixon cutting all power. It took about 2 minutes for it to 
> come
> back on. The motor was cold on the outside but I think the heat had not 
> yet
> had time to propagate from the armature to the motor housing. So I have 
> no
> idea how hot the motor was on the inside.
> I wonder if the built in temperature switch would also protect the 
> armature
> or only the field windings. (or would the shunt windings be the same
> temperature as the armature and hence if the thermal breaker was 
> attached to
> those protect the motor?)
> Markus
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