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Re: (ET) mulching

I do not have an ET but can comment on the Gator blades.

I used the Gator blades on several gas mowers and found they needed
less power to cut and mulch than most standard blades needed to cut
and spray grass.
It is important to keep them SHARP!

Touching up the edge just before each time of mowing is not too much.
The extra wieght is not really a problem. The do require a little more
power to run up to speed but then act as a flywheel to stay at speed
and also help smooth the spin so they will likely cut more evenly with
less drag down in thick spots.

Also, I only rough sharpen with a grinder.
Most of the time a touch on my paper wheel sharpening system is plenty.
The edge will last MUCH longer if you remove the burr from grinding.


On 5/23/06, Michael S Briggs <msbriggs alberti unh edu> wrote:

Thanks. I did find one post on the gator blades
(http://www.elec-trak.com/forum/showthread.php?t=95&highlight=gator ),
where it mentions the spacers needed and such. Since they're heavier, it
should drive the motors harder - hopefully they can handle it?