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Re: (ET) New wiring question? Term lugs, crimper from modified bolt cutter

I think it has been discussed here before:

Economical cable Termination lugs can be made from copper pipe - cut, 
flat, and hole drilled, totally tinned (dip in solder pot).
Other end slipped over wire, crimped using custom crimper made from Harbor 
Freight long (36") bolt cutters (on sale), jaws cut away to fit an old 
socket, sliced in half, and each half welded to one jaw of the bolt cutter.

After crimping, dip the whole thing into solder pot (or flux all & use 
torch & 
fat diam solder)

I think this was described here, or in Home Power Magazine.

As far as the wire - 4 ga welding - I thought the million tiny strands was 
BEST: most flexible, and somewhere I heard electrons travel on the surface 
the wire, so multi-stranded wire was better, and more strands = better

On Friday 20 January 2006 08:36 pm, Eric Adams wrote:
> --- "Kleinbrahm, Bob" <rkleinbrahm firstrepublic com> wrote:
> > I recently took the plunge and ordered out the Alltrax for my E-20.  I
> > would like to replace all the existing wiring and have a question on
> > what size others have used for this?  Are the main power cables #4
> > wires, etc..
> I am about to do the same thing, and am anxious to hear what other people
> have done.
> I got some surplus 4 guage welding cable from a friend. I think that the
> little tiny strands are actually bad for this application (higher
> resistance?) but the price was right. Now I am debating whether to try
> crimp lugs or solder. Crimp seems iffy without the expensive proper
> crimper. I assume that solder is just a propane torch and some big fat
> solder wire. Any practical comments or experience?
> Thanks,
> Eric
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