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Re: (ET) DC-AC rotary converter heats the wires

I've had problems with the PTO socket on a couple of my ETs, esp when running a snowblower. I think the connections get a little loose with time and maybe a little corrosion sets in. I found cleaning the wires and tightening the connections down real tight fixes things. The blades on the connector may need some clean up too. I find that 'old' connections are the source of many problems I have seen with these machines.

- SteveS

Christopher Zach wrote:
As discussed, the Elec-trak rotary converter is a nice thing. Maybe too much of a nice thing because while it can put out a lot of power on the AC side it's got a problem:

It's burning up my socket.

I smelled a bit of burning wire while using it and checked the E20. Sure enough the two screws that hold the wire to the 20 amp Molex plug were *HOT*. Which kind of makes sense as the wires are old and the socket/plug is rated for 20 amps. According to my E-meters I was pulling around 30 amps at full load which makes sense if you think 36*30=1080 watts and 900 AC out the inverter (.9 efficiency).

Still, that's a problem. Does this happen with other Elec-trak users? Compared to this inverter, the drill and little tools are nothing. Should I replace the socket with a new Molex? Clean and tighten? Or should I just go to using 40 amp AMP connectors like I do for other good sized accessories?


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