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Re: (ET) Re: Dead on the road: IT"S ALIVE!!!

Another option if the battery has a lot of life left in it: a good battery dealer can melt on new terminals.

SteveS wrote:
I had a similiar problem with a used battery that I got because someone had busted the connector off a terminal. I put in a helicoil so the bolt had good threads to hold onto. Still maybe not a permanent solution, but I hate too see an otherwise good battery 'put down'.

Christopher Zach wrote:

*however* Your solution of tapping the lead with a bolt is not going to work over the long term. Lead is soft, and what will happen is the bolt will loosen, causing resistance, causing warm bolt, causing melted lead, repeat. Vibrations will also cause the bolt to work loose, causing problems.

Jim Coate
1970's Elec-Trak
1992 Chevy S-10 BEV
1997 Chevy S-10 NGV