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Re: (ET) Accessory Connector Plug

I use the 3 prong crows foot plug that the mower plugs into for my
accessories. Easy to find the connector(Home Depot for me)and allows me to
shut off the power with the PTO switch.

I don't like the two prong twist lock. It has it's advantage (twist-lock),
but my I-5 has fenders over the front wheels and makes it very difficult
to plug into the two prong(located right over the fender). I had to add a
small umbilical cord to my chainsaw plug box because it wouldn't fit into
the connector.

Another option is to switch to the three prong twist-lock connector.
Replace the one on the tractor and make an adaptor out of it for use with
any "real" elec-trak accessories you may find. Then wire all of  your
homemade tools with the three prong. This may be dangerous because of the
fact that these connectors are still in use today and someone might
inadvertantly plug your 36vdc tool into a 240vac outlet (normally found on
generators). If you are the only one using these then it's not really an

If going the above route, I would have a box with a three prong male that
mates to three three prong female on the tractor as it's input and have
both an Anderson and the two prong that used to be on the tractor as


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> I have two ETs that I use a lot.  An E-12m, and an I-5.  I want to try
> my hand at making a few accessories for them from some salvaged motors,
> controllers, etc.  that I have on hand.
> I intend all of my gizmos to connect to the ET's via anderson
> connectors.  They are relatively cheap, easy to come by and idiot-proof.
> Since I don't want to break either ET's ability to use the standard
> attachements (Hedge clippers, hand tillers etc) I was going to make an
> adaptor plug.  One end would be the standard ET accesory plug and the
> other an anderson.
> I could then plug this in when I want to use my gizmos and remove it to
> use standard ET attachements.
> The problem is, no matter where I look I can't find a two prong 20 amp
> twisk lock male plug.
> Does anyone have a source for these or have an old one they are willing
> to part with for a fair price?
> Thanks
> James
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