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RE: (ET) Ammeter observations


thanks for your measurements. It seems to indicate that my measurements
follow a similar trend but are in general a bit higher which is probably
due to two factors. 1. the E12 has a smaller motor and 2. my ammeter 
(small analogue meter intended for testing of automotive 
system is prob. not calibrated and may be a bit off. Assuming that
our power meter gauges are the same (they probably have some deviation) 
is shown by your measurements of the green/yellow transition at 60A, with 
meter it shows about 75A.
I believe your relatively low peak current is due the digital meter which
doesn't show you the spikes as the meter I had went up to its max at 400A 
for the first moment of start up in high gear (plus you have a smaller

I think the E12 has a permanent magnet motor, right?  

In any case I wondered why your Amperage would stay the same over the
speed ranges in a particular gear. I can't come up with an explanation why
that would be. Can anybody shed some light on this?