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Front lift, was Re: (ET) restoration pics

On Sun, Aug 10, 2003 at 06:15:57PM -0700, D Howell wrote:
> Tim, I still have the cutting problems you mention.  I started a thread 
> a couple of months ago and many others commented about the same thing.  
> Still, others say theirs is very good.  I'm not sure what to think.  Is 
> their's really good, or could it be we are too picky?
> I'm not sure.  I've wondered if this is a design flaw caused by the 
> overlap between the blades being to small.  I sure would like to fix it. 
>  Having used the Electrak all summer, I have found only three things 
> that I thought could have been improved upon.
> 1.  The poor cut quality of the deck.
> 2.  Poor lift design that makes it impossible to lift the deck at the end
> of each row (which would facilitate turning).
> 3.  First gear is too slow and second is too fast for cutting with the 
> cruise control.

I'm pretty happy with the cut quality, but your second point reminds
me, is the front lift supposed to lift the entire mower deck? On my
E15, it just lifts the rear edge, and the front castor wheels stay on
the ground. Just makes me wonder...

Graham Allan
School of Physics and Astronomy - University of Minnesota