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Re: (ET) Solid state controls

Is what????  It's like losing the last page out of a good mystery!

Thanks for the info, A big reason I got the ET was to learn more about
electric motors. Even tho' I might not ever try any of these ideas, they 
great mental exercises, and, eventually, one will stick to me until I
actually do it.

I wondered if the ET went faster in reverse,but I though it was my
imagination, as I always worry about hanging up the mower deck and flipping

While on that subject, I bought a bunch of 3" plastic wheels and spacers
from McMaster to redo my rear rollers. Seems to help with the deck 
Some of my wooden rollers were down to 2".


> 3) The FW circuitry is cut out in reverse. If you did happen to try and
> weaken the field, you would probably burn out the motor.The advantage 
> (and
> this is an interesting one) is
> Neat stuff.
> Chris