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Re: (ET) advice needed

I'll take a shot.

1. First most electrical problems are due to bad connections. Wiggle wires
first. Good places to check are the reversing relay and field connections 
the motor.

2. Working lift, lights, and accessory outlet means the basics are ok, but
that leaves a fair amount unchecked.

3. You mention not seeing voltage at the contactors. On the coil contacts,
relay contacts, both? Please explain a bit what and how you are measuring

4. If the reverse relay is actually clicking, then you have power to the
control board and Fuse 3 is ok.  The fuel gauge shoudl be indicating if 
3 is ok.  Assuming this is true then you need to walk thru the motor

5. With motor drive on (and gearbox in neutral and hair, etc out of range 
the belts and pulleys) check voltages at the motor armature and field
connections. If they aren't present there then back up thru the 2A, 1A, and
L contactors.

I assume you have the schematic. It is very helpful in tracing things out.

E12S (pretty much like your E15)

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Sent: Thursday, May 23, 2002 9:50 AM
Subject: (ET) advice needed

> It would be appreciated if some advice could be given on getting an E-15
> and running.  It has new batteries, the charger works fine, there is
> 36volts on the accessory outlet, the lights work and there is power going
> to the lift motor.  It is basically dead as far as the drive motor
> goes.  When the master disconnect is connected and the key switch is on,
> there is no effect whatsoever when the throttle control is pushed
> forward.  I can't measure any voltage on the contactors.  When the
> is put into reverse, the reverse relay behind the dashboard will "click
> but still no other action and no voltage to the contactors.  I have
> bypassed the seat and brake switch temporarily just to make sure they are
> not the culprit.
> Does anyone have any idea where I should go from here?
> Thanks,
> Barry