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Re: (ET) E 20 value?

I agree pretty much with Larry. From the looking I did last year, I'd 
the sheet metal to be in good shape for that much and everything in decent,
working condition. It may be more worth more to you if the attachments are
the ones you wanted, as finding a good tiller or the rotary brush/catcher
may be hard to find and/or $$$ on their own. Batteries are a major expense.
If the batteries are good ones (Trojans or the like) and were well cared,
for that's a big plus (new set of Trojans is $350 or more).

Location is a factor. Depending on where you live you may have few
opportunities to find one of these machines within reasonable driving

In general, one of the biggest draws for me was the broad knowledge and
helpfullness of the members of this site. These beasts are different and
take a little while to learn, but I've enjoyed it immensely so far.


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Subject: (ET) E 20 value?

> Hi,
> I am new to the elec-trak world and am having fun reading and learning
> these interesting machines.
> I stumbled across an E 20 with mowerdeck, rotary brush/catcher and roto
> tiller attachments all in good condition (batteries are 4 or 5 years 
> old).
> The asking price is $1400 which seems a little high to me. What do you
> think? From what I understand the tillers are not very common so this
> MIGHT not be all that far out of line. Do the tillers really work well?
> does the elec-trak compare to a modern lawn tractor for cutting (and
> up) grass? Has anyone had success adapting a wood splitter, possibly 
> using
> the fork lift attachment? - Thanks, Craig Miller