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Re: (ET) E 20 value?

On 12 May 2002 at 0:48, VAIRBOY aol com wrote:

> E 20 with mowerdeck, rotary brush/catcher and roto
> tiller attachments all in good condition (batteries are 4 or 5 years 
> old).
> The asking price is $1400 which seems a little high to me. 

Of course, it's hard to tell from here what "good" condition is.  If the 
machine is 
in daily use now, not sitting in someone's garage gathering dust, in my 
that's a plus.

I'll be curious to see what others say.  But if my memory is working right 
morning, I've seen prices around $200 - 500 for a decent  tractor, 
$200-500 for a 
tiller with rear lift, $100-200 for a powered tow-behind sweeper (I assume 
this is 
what you mean), and $50-150 for a mower deck.  

Of course there are ETers who've gotten tractors for free (just for 
hauling them 
away) -- or for maybe $100 or so, complete with tiller and a stack of 
accessories.  Sometimes you get lucky.  Other times the price is higher, 
but the 
tractor is just about what you want, and the price, though not a bargain, 
is one 
that you're willing to pay.  

If you need all those goodies, there's some convenience in having them all 
in one 
place, instead of having to chase them down over several states.  For some 
folks, that would be worth something.

D Roden
Akron OH USA