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Re: (ET) Other lifts....

Great info Larry!

I was intrigued when I looked at the http://www.johnnyproducts.com/ 

I would be interested in ordering one for my new I-5 :)

Maybe we have a list member near Wisconsin that could help John Scheele
develop one that would fit the front of a E-12, E-15, E-20 and I-5 since
they all have the same front mount scheme.

I'll bet the front electric lift can lift the 200# load - too.

Anybody close to WI?  John Briese?

Monty McGraw

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Subject: (ET) Other lifts....

> Many people seem interested in a loader.  Expensive, hard to find, mount
etcera.  Cadloder has designed something that would work.  In addition;
Johnny Lift http://www.simpletractors.com/sponsors/johnny_products.htm 
something that does perhaps half of what a real loader can do (i.e., it
can't lift anything very high) and costs $400.  Not cheap, but it may stir
someone.  I e-mailed them;
> "
> Larry,
> I would consider doing one for the front if I had one in hand for a
> couple of weeks and had a little more info such as interchangeability
> between tractors.
> Thanks for your interest,
> Sincerely,
> John Scheele
> Johnny Products, LLC
> > I have a couple of old GE Electraks.  Actually, there are dozens of
> us enthusiasts that still keep them running.  At 900 lbs with
> batteries, they have plenty of traction.  Anyway, the only parts dealer
> still in the country has no more loaders.  GE did market a full
> hydraulic loader (as well as a forklift) in the early 70's but people
> who find these in running condition pay about $1000 for them.  They are
> nice; lift 600 lbs to 6' and dump, etc.  Now the GE has a back sleeve-
> hitch, http://www.elec-trak.org/ so it's obvious that the Johnny-Lift
> would fit in back, but the front of the GE has a very simple mount, and
> an electric front winch that lifts a 350 lb snow-thrower pretty well...
> Has anyone ever adapted a Johnny-Lift to the front of a GE Electrak
> E12/E15 or E20?  If so, how much lift did they get from it?  I'm not
> worried about weight or traction; I can pull my dad's Bollens 20 HP
> twin backwards without too much trouble.
> >
> > That and I'm trying to adapt a one-way disc-plow to the GE....
> "
> I am not in the need of the bucket right now.  I think I would go to the
frame instead of the blade mount; easier to get on and off.
> Oh, and that disc-plow comment.  Yes, I'm trying to build a one-disc
disc-plow for the GE (actually for any sleeve-hitch tractor).  I need
something cleaner than a molboard plow, and this looks promising.  Well, no
> Larry Elie