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RE: (ET) Front End Loaders...want to buy?

Do you have a picture of ANY loader that is on a web page?  I have only 
seen the 
'box-loader'; I didn't know there was another.

BTW, I too, have toyed with the idea of making a loader, but my ideas were 
based on 
changing the lift, and a hinged bottom plate on a standard blade.  The 
problem is 
vertical travel.  You need another lift mechanism to get more than a foot 
or so of 
vertical travel.

One of my many crazy ideas, like 4 wheel drive, that I can envision, but 
probably never 
make.  Another on the wish list; brake steering, like on a real tractor.  
Under load, the 
GE can't steer.  Or the 6-independent 6V chargers to replace the built in 
one.  I could 
go on....

Larry Elie

From:   Walter & Diane[SMTP:dwfh starlinx com]
Sent:   Friday, January 15, 1999 3:29 PM
To:     elec-trak cosmos5 phy tufts edu
Subject:        (ET) Front End Loaders...want to buy?

Hello everyone,

I presently own a GE front end loader, and I love it. But as you all
know they are difficult to find and well when you find someone who has
one they want to keep it.

Also, everything would be NEw except the motor, I am planning on using
the standard 36 volt unit used with the GE unit with new bearings and

I am planning on manufacturing ones for the GE tractor (E15 and E20,
maybe E12).. The units will be run buy a 36 volt motor and pump.

I am also considering a back hoe attachment also..

If you have a serious interest let me know, I can get a photo.

At this time a ball park price $1800.

At this time I am not sure about shipping but that can be arraigned.

Let me know,