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MIT Guild constitution amendments

Hi everyone,

Here is a proposed amended version of the constitution:
The current constitution and the list of requirements we have to satisfy
for re-recognition are attached.

The main change is of course the "membership must be more than half
students" line, which is required.  I removed the "non-active member"
category which is a bit superfluous when we can't have that many
non-students and lowered the bar for student membership from three
practices to one practice.  To avoid disenfranchising most of our ringers,
I am also proposing that anyone who has attended at least three tower or
handbell sessions be eligible to vote.

It would probably work just to make the required changes on paper and carry
on as we are, but having most Old North ringers not be members of the guild
running Old North seems like possibly not the best long-term plan.  We
could consider forming another guild for those ringers, which can be as
symbiotic with the MIT Guild as we want it to be (options ranging from
non-student faction of the same organizational structure to a splitting off
of Old North from the MIT Guild.)  This can be something else to discuss at
the meeting.

We'll schedule an online vote two weeks from today, which will be 5/10, two
days before the re-recognition deadline.  Please make comments and
suggestions before then, and we'll keep ironing this out.  Since the
current constitution does have a clause about abiding by ASA rules, in the
event that we don't reach an agreement by 5/12, I think we reserve the
right to minimally edit the current constitution to meet the requirements
for re-recognition.

Let me know if there are any questions!

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