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Ringing World subscriptions

      Joseph mentioned the online subscription option.  There are two.  
One is a full subscription, with access to the archive and ability to read 
it whenever.  This has been around for a while.  At some point in the 
past, I wrote to the RW to ask if one person could pay the full price and 
share it with others.  They said no, and I didn't pursue it further.  I 
must not have been the only one to ask, because in 2020 they invented the 
tower subscription. In that case, with a paper tower subscription some 
members of the band can get the limited one week at a time subscription 
for a reduced price.  We tried this for three people in the 2022/2023 
year.  The consensus is that it wasn't really worth it, but if other 
people want to try it, we could discuss it.  We are already set up for it, 
so that part of the nuisance is done. 
Here are the general subscription rates (we are in the Rest of World 
Here is the long explanation of the tower subscriptions