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sorry, part 2, RW subscriptions

   I hit send too soon on the previous email

   Cost differences, based on the conversion rate of 1 GBP = 1.23 US$  
(this changes daily, and I think paypal jacks it up a bit, but it's still 
a good rate)
Renewing One year on paper, no changes from our previous subscription: 
$183.27 (so rounding a bit, $185 for 50 issues)
+ 3 restricted (tower) subs, rounded $190 total
+6 $245, rounded
+10 $310, rounded
(15 is an option, but I can't imagine that we need 15)
Feel free to correct my perception of the deal or my arithmetic. 
    I would like to renew soon, rather than waiting a couple of weeks, as 
the pound has been inching up slowly from its lowest.  Do I feel bad about 
exploiting their political turmoil? Nah. 

    Realistically speaking, how many people want to read something online 
that will disappear in a week?  It is quite cheap, proportionally, so even 
if someone is having a busy week and spaces out on it, that wouldn't 
necessarily be a waste over the course of a year.  The linked page offers 
suggested ways of splitting the cost, but I think the idea was that the 
Boston Bellringers guild would cover the entire cost, as a gift to 
members. (under our legal category we are required to have enumerated 
members and at least token dues, but that's a topic for a different day). 

So a question, for people who have been patient enough to read two emails: 
Would you like to get the electronic RW under the restrictions listed, as 
a gift of the guild?  We have lots of money.