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Ringing World Subscriptions

    Our RW subscription is due to be renewed later this month. It's on 
paper, sent to the MIT guild c/o my home address. It usually (not always) 
arrives within a week of the cover date, and I take it to Old North.  I 
know that several people have their own electronic subscriptions, but I am 
not sure that anybody else in the Boston area gets it on paper.
We noticed about a year ago that there was an option for tower 
subscriptions.  Some people felt that we should get electronic subs for 
lots of our ringers. Greg R and I each emailed over the intervening time, 
asking for more information, no reply.  I left two voice mails last week 
(during their stated office hours), also no reply. I thought for a while 
that the multiple subscriptions were on paper, but no. This web page seems 
to have clearer information than I recall seeing previously:
The most relevant details, culled from a wall-o-text 
A Tower subscription consists of one paper copy for the tower plus 
[limited] online access for 3, 6, 10, or 15 readers.  
This online subscription is different from an individual full-price 
subscription in that it 
is only this week's issue
must be read only on BellBoard's online viewer (not downloaded as a PDF to 
your device)
doesn't include the search feature that full-price subscribers get.