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suggested agenda items for the meeting on the 22nd

     Treasurer's report.   I have survey-style questions for the group:
 Are the people who wanted a spreadsheet happy with the one we have?  
Please see attached photo of the 2022 sheet (we have many more dollars 
than that). 
 What is the best thing to do about people who don't want to be paid for 
wedding ringing? (we've tried it a couple of ways).  
 Buying lunch for MIT students.  Should there be a standard amount each 
time rather than a guild member following people around to grab the check?

     Old North has resumed coffee hour. Should we offer to host sometime?  

     Matthew mentions the bells from the ON pulpit every week.  What can 
we do to follow up on this in terms of having parishioners learn to ring?  
See above, maybe schmoozing at coffee hour sometimes would be useful?

     Without offering to do the organizing, I think it would be good to 
have some quarters at service ringing time again. 

Laura Dickerson
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