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Re: Time sensitive Query about ringing today

Hi Laura,

Thank you for your kind email. I really appreciate it.
I understood. Unfortunately I have to return to Japan on Thursday...
Could I visit your handbells today Monday evening? What time starts and
best for us?
Please let me know.


glad to hear that it seems to have a touch in Japanese TV before. Thanks
for your help!
My US phone number is

2022年7月31日(日) 21:19 <lauradi rcn com>:

>    Unfortunately, I received this at 8:13 PM, and I suspect this is true
> of the other people who receive the emails sent to the group. We did ring
> at 10 AM at the Church of the Advent and at noon at Old North. Those are
> the regular Sunday times. We're sorry to have missed you.
> Practice times are Wednesday evenings at the Church of the Advent and
> midday Saturdays at Old North. Handbells are Monday evenings in case you
> will still (or again) be around.
> Laura Dickerson
> PS in the 1980s there were a couple of short features on Japanese
> television about the Old North bells. I don't really remember any details
> except that I think one of them was about New Year's ringing around the
> world.
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> Subject: Time sensitive Query about ringing today
> Hello!
> My name is Hitomi Nishioka, here this weekend from Japan to do research 
> on
> bells. Is it true you play today before and after services at Old North 
> and
> Church of the advent? What times at each? Would you also reply to my 
> friend
> Peter, who is cc’d?
> Many thanks,
> Dr. Hitomi Nishioka
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