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Re: Time sensitive Query about ringing today

   Unfortunately, I received this at 8:13 PM, and I suspect this is true 
of the other people who receive the emails sent to the group. We did ring 
at 10 AM at the Church of the Advent and at noon at Old North. Those are 
the regular Sunday times. We're sorry to have missed you.
Practice times are Wednesday evenings at the Church of the Advent and 
midday Saturdays at Old North. Handbells are Monday evenings in case you 
will still (or again) be around.

Laura Dickerson

PS in the 1980s there were a couple of short features on Japanese 
television about the Old North bells. I don't really remember any details 
except that I think one of them was about New Year's ringing around the 

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My name is Hitomi Nishioka, here this weekend from Japan to do research on
bells. Is it true you play today before and after services at Old North and
Church of the advent? What times at each? Would you also reply to my friend
Peter, who is cc’d?
Many thanks,
Dr. Hitomi Nishioka
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