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helping out at ON services Sunday mornings

Hi folks,

Passing along a request from Old North for help with crowd control Sunday

Historically folks from the Old North historic site have manned the doors
at Old North during Sunday services, allowing worshippers to enter but
asking tourists to wait until services are done. At the moment, however,
the historic site is closed Sundays, so that job is falling on the
congregation. The vicar, Matthew Cadwell, asked if we might be able to 

The request is for volunteers to man the doors Sundays from about
1030-1200. In the first instance they are looking for help for a few
months, perhaps until October. They may be able to pay a small
honorarium (think comparable to ringing for a wedding, but TBD).

The ideal solution here would be if one or a few ringers are interested in
doing this regularly, in which case please let me know and I can put you in
touch with the church. If instead there's a larger group each willing to do
one or two weeks we could have a discussion about trying to cover this

Obviously this does coincide with Advent ringing, which isn't ideal. On the
other hand I think the church is feeling pretty stretched at the moment, so
any help we can provide would be hugely appreciated.

Please let me know thoughts,

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