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Re: Stand back, I'm going to try science! (and talk about masks)

My kids have been wearing masks for 3-4 hours most days (8am-12pm-ish)
outside in the heat and humidity with no ill effects, even while they run
and climb and do other aerobic things (I have been wearing mine for similar
timeframes, but I usually manage to just sit on a bench in the shade, so
it's possibly less relevant experience :) ).   It definitely takes some
getting used to, but it's much less uncomfortable to wear a mask for hours
in July than I would have predicted.

On Thu, Jul 23, 2020 at 10:05 AM <lauradi rcn com> wrote:

> I am a hardcore face covering advocate. I wear a 2 layer mask for most
> trips out of the house, and this one for running, lawn mowing, or 
> distanced
> Tai Chi in the park
> https://policyviz.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/mockup-bc402840.jpg
> (it's John Snow's cholera map, the one that led to the removal of the 
> pump
> handle). I have added extra elastic to some of them to make sure they 
> don't
> slip down. I see a lot of people whose noses are not covered, and I think
> fit may be part of the problem.
> That is a preface to me saying that if ringing resumes without the
> requirement for consistent, correct cloth or surgical mask coverings
> inside, I won't be there. Also, for my own protection, I try not to be 
> near
> people wearing masks with the valves that let their expirations out.
> To make sure that it was legit for me to say that people should be masked
> to ring, I spent twenty-two minutes this morning masked (commercial 2 
> layer
> mask plus extra elastic) raising my arms up above my head and down
> repeatedly at what I guessed would be ringing speed. The mask was not
> dislodged. My shoulders claimed that it was harder than ringing, but I 
> was
> not short of breath in any way. I'm still wearing the mask, because in 
> real
> circumstances like going to the grocery story, I put the mask on before I
> leave the house and don't remove it until I am home again, so I presume
> that to ring for 15 minutes I'd be masked for a couple of hours.
> A test is a snapshot of one moment in time. One could test negative and 
> be
> infected the next day, which is why Yale, for example, has claimed that
> they will test returning students every three days.
> One thing to remember about personal safety is that quantity of the virus
> that one is exposed to matters. That is why outdoors is better than
> indoors, mask is better than bare face, etc. Stuff adds up. A combined
> approach is best.
> The Advent is requiring masks for worshippers. Old North is requiring
> masks for visitors to the historic talks (no services for a couple of
> months yet). I think it's clear that they would expect us to be masked as
> well when we are in their buildings.
> Laura Dickerson
> PS Doctor in Dublin wears six surgical masks on top of each other to show
> that oxygen levels don't go down. There area lots of others like this
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5npQivAmcE
> John Oliver talking about conspiracy theories from last Sunday (worth
> seeing. 22 minutes long)
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0b_eHBZLM6U
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