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Stand back, I'm going to try science! (and talk about masks)

I am a hardcore face covering advocate. I wear a 2 layer mask for most 
trips out of the house, and this one for running, lawn mowing, or 
distanced Tai Chi in the park 

https://policyviz.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/mockup-bc402840.jpg (it's 
John Snow's cholera map, the one that led to the removal of the pump 
handle). I have added extra elastic to some of them to make sure they 
don't slip down. I see a lot of people whose noses are not covered, and I 
think fit may be part of the problem. 
That is a preface to me saying that if ringing resumes without the 
requirement for consistent, correct cloth or surgical mask coverings 
inside, I won't be there. Also, for my own protection, I try not to be 
near people wearing masks with the valves that let their expirations out. 
To make sure that it was legit for me to say that people should be masked 
to ring, I spent twenty-two minutes this morning masked (commercial 2 
layer mask plus extra elastic) raising my arms up above my head and down 
repeatedly at what I guessed would be ringing speed. The mask was not 
dislodged. My shoulders claimed that it was harder than ringing, but I was 
not short of breath in any way. I'm still wearing the mask, because in 
real circumstances like going to the grocery story, I put the mask on 
before I leave the house and don't remove it until I am home again, so I 
presume that to ring for 15 minutes I'd be masked for a couple of hours. 
A test is a snapshot of one moment in time. One could test negative and be 
infected the next day, which is why Yale, for example, has claimed that 
they will test returning students every three days. 
One thing to remember about personal safety is that quantity of the virus 
that one is exposed to matters. That is why outdoors is better than 
indoors, mask is better than bare face, etc. Stuff adds up. A combined 
approach is best. 
The Advent is requiring masks for worshippers. Old North is requiring 
masks for visitors to the historic talks (no services for a couple of 
months yet). I think it's clear that they would expect us to be masked as 
well when we are in their buildings. 

Laura Dickerson 

PS Doctor in Dublin wears six surgical masks on top of each other to show 
that oxygen levels don't go down. There area lots of others like this 

John Oliver talking about conspiracy theories from last Sunday (worth 
seeing. 22 minutes long) 

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