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Re: Shall we donate to our ringing churches?

This seems reasonable to me…


> On Mar 29, 2020, at 12:34 PM, lauradi rcn com wrote:
> I am on email lists for both the Old North historical site and the 
> congregation. Both have been requesting funds of late. The Foundation 
> (dealing with finances of the historical part) has of course been hit 
> hard because the buildings (church, Clough house museum space, gift 
> shop) are closed to tourists and school groups, and the enormously 
> lucrative Lantern Service is being postponed until the fall 
> (tentatively). It is possible to donate to the Foundation online. 
> The Old North (Christ Church) congregation has asked regular pledgers to 
> mail their checks in as soon as possible, and they of course are getting 
> nothing from visitors who would be giving money via the plate during 
> services, so they are asking for donations by mail as well. They have 
> also set up a drop box for members in the neighborhood to use instead of 
> the mail, if desired. Possibly they will get around to arranging for 
> online/electronic donations. It seems from the Church of the Advent web 
> site that they are accepting donations online in addition to asking for 
> pledging people to mail in checks. 
> I have donated to Old North as a private individual in the past. I 
> emailed to ask whether they are still paying the part time educators. 
> The 
> answer is yes, all employees in both divisions (even the ones that 
> aren't going to work in the buildings) are being paid now. Other folks 
> are working - they are producing services 
> viewable on YouTube at 
> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoRTXPfJAPDwGFMpMqFspOA 
> Tim is doing maintenance projects. (and the skilled window restoration 
> folks are still doing two windows at a time). 
> I am going to give again as myself, but there has been some discussion 
> about whether we as a guild should also donate to each church 
> (or in the case of ON, partly to the congregation and partly to the 
> foundation?). Opinions? 
> Laura Dickerson 
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