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Shall we donate to our ringing churches?

I am on email lists for both the Old North historical site and the 
congregation. Both have been requesting funds of late. The Foundation 
(dealing with finances of the historical part) has of course been hit hard 
because the buildings (church, Clough house museum space, gift shop) are 
closed to tourists and school groups, and the enormously lucrative Lantern 
Service is being postponed until the fall (tentatively). It is possible to 
donate to the Foundation online. 

The Old North (Christ Church) congregation has asked regular pledgers to 
mail their checks in as soon as possible, and they of course are getting 
nothing from visitors who would be giving money via the plate during 
services, so they are asking for donations by mail as well. They have also 
set up a drop box for members in the neighborhood to use instead of the 
mail, if desired. Possibly they will get around to arranging for 
online/electronic donations. It seems from the Church of the Advent web 
site that they are accepting donations online in addition to asking for 
pledging people to mail in checks. 

I have donated to Old North as a private individual in the past. I emailed 
to ask whether they are still paying the part time educators. The 

answer is yes, all employees in both divisions (even the ones that aren't 
going to work in the buildings) are being paid now. Other folks are 
working - they are producing services 
viewable on YouTube at 
Tim is doing maintenance projects. (and the skilled window restoration 
folks are still doing two windows at a time). 

I am going to give again as myself, but there has been some discussion 
about whether we as a guild should also donate to each church 

(or in the case of ON, partly to the congregation and partly to the 
foundation?). Opinions? 

Laura Dickerson 
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