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Wednesday Night (Virtual) Practice!

Hi everyone,

Yes, you read that right, Practice!

Bryn and Leland have been designing a distributed ringing app (
https://ringingroom.com/), and tonight we successfully had a handbell
practice on it, so I will be hosting a 'tower bell' practice on Wednesday
from 7-9. All are welcome to join.

I have created a Discord server ( https://discord.gg/sEqh9pV ) for voice
and text communication, and it seems to work decently well. You should be
able to create an account without even linking an email address, and the
above link should give you access to the 'bcr' server.

A couple notes: the background noise cancellation on Discord is worse than
Zoom, so headphones are recommended. Also, the ringing room app does not
work well on mobile, but you're still welcome to hang out and chat on
Discord if you don't want to ring.

Let me know if you have any questions or issues.
Hope to see you Wednesday!

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