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MIT Constitution of 2018 Draft

Good morning everyone!

Sorry to intrude your morning at Orleans, or your morning at home, whatever may be. 

The committee to discuss and revise the M.I.T. Guild of Bell Ringers Constitution is complete! The draft version of this document is attached. Please look over it. At the end of the document, there is a "change log" of a sort of what we have generally changed.

Because we have published this draft as of today and it is up for discussion, the polls to approve and deny this version of the constitution will be open June 23rd, Sat. At that time, we will send a simple online poll. If 2/3 majority approves, this is our new constitution. If not, we'll try to accommodate the opposed.

For your information, those on this committee were Joshua Burson, Bryn Reinstadler, and myself. We're available to talk if you have questions, comments, or concerns.

Thanks and enjoy!

Joseph Gurkan

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