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Meeting with Old North staff

Hi! Yesterday Cally and I met with the the Vicar and some of the staff at 
Old North to discuss a few issues. I think we had a good talk, and some 
decisions were made.

- Regarding the issue with the Easter peal, we have a new list of contacts 
to make sure that everyone who needs to know, does.

- The church has agreed not to run an 11:30a tour on Saturdays going 
forward. They will also not book private (i.e. large) tours for 10:30a or 
11a, which means we will have small tours at 11a.

- What they have asked is that if we are in the ringing room when a tour 
is going on, we should stay quiet unless questions are asked of us.

- If the educator says something wrong, do *not* correct the educator in 
front of the visitors. Let me know, and I will let Erin and Bernard know, 
so that the information can be corrected in the future, but we should 
avoid embarrassing the guides.

- If we are expecting visitors, please add them to the spreadsheet, and I 
will let the church know. This is not a requirement for visitors, but 
whenever possible the church would like a heads-up.

- They asked that we try to keep the ringing room a bit tidier. It was 
suggested that we could get the church to buy some IKEA-style cubby-holes 
or other things so that some of the loose items can be stowed.

There were a few other topics that came up:

- the educators are interested in knowing more of the history of ringing 
at Old North for their records/archives, and possibly for a collaboration 
they're doing with Nichols House

- they would like to shoot a new video

- the church is going to run a capitol campaign to redo the narthex, and 
possibly other parts of the building. This means that in several years 
(2018, 2020?), we may be unable to ring at Old North for a few months 
while work is being done.