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Re: Appeal for ringers on Saturday morning and afternoon

This is the event for which we are ringing handbells


From: "Cally Perry" <cally perry gmail com>
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Sent: Friday, April 22, 2016 5:03:26 PM
Subject: Appeal for ringers on Saturday morning and afternoon

Hi folks,

  I'm hoping some maybes could turn to yesses for either practice at 11 or handbells at 2pm, tomorrow.   Tomorrow at practice  we're expecting:

1) William, the 4 yo who is all about bells and his family,  
2) Griff Gall, the director of the Back Bay Ringers, who is doing research for a show on the history of ringing.  (We performed on handbells for an earlier version of that concert.)
3) My Dad
4) Kira, an almost local ringer, who would love to ring some more handbells afterwards

  There is also a meeting with the vicar and tour guides after practice.

   Then we have a handbell performance at 2:30 in lobby 7, (with a meet at 2 in the corner behind the elevators.)

   I could really use an extra body or two for ringing, being nice to kids, going to the top of the tower, all the things.  

   Chag Sameach!




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