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4th of July ringing and eating

The maximum Bellringers in Boston schedule for next Thursday:
noon-12:50  Old North (no garden talk).  Anybody who can ring rounds (or more) is invited to ring.
1 until late afternoon - eat and spend time with Amy Moore, who will be visiting
7 PM  potluck picnic in the garden at the Church of the Advent
9 PM (???) ring for the 1812 Overture
  Firing will happen sometime
9:30 PM  Watch fireworks, fondly remember absent friends

   Participate in as many options as you like.  Please let me know if you'll be at ON.  

    I have a promise (in person) from the education person at ON that there will be no tour at noon or 12:30 on the 4th. 
   The sound equipment at the Advent is in place.
    I have confirmed with Terry to expect us as usual, and said that we'll clean up after ourselves.
    My plan is to put my picnic food in the Advent fridge on Wednesday evening so I don't have to carry it around on Thursday afternoon during the convivial time between towers.
Boom!  This is the cereal that's shot from guns (a cultural reference from my childhood).

Laura Dickerson