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Tea party, Friday, July 3!

Who:    You, your SO, and anyone else you think likes tea.
What:   Tea and scones!
Where:  Alveslohe, 182 Highland Ave., Apt. #2, Somerville.
When:   Next Friday, 3 July 2009, 3pm-whenever.
Why:    Because a lot of you have the day off and are conveniently located 
the 88 bus line.
How:    Positive RSVPs encouraged.  See below for directions.

1) What if I don't have the day off from work/school/ringing/dancing?
    Come early, come late, come whenever you can.  Note that the start 
time is a
bit earlier than
    usual for a tea party so more people can come, but it should run into 
evening as well.
2) How do we get there?
    A map is available at:
    The walk is about 15 minutes from either Porter Square or Davis Square.
    The 88 bus runs about every 30 minutes or more often from Davis Square 
    almost right in front of our house.
3) Should I bring anything?
    Tasty treats if you would like, but it is not necessary.

Teafully yours,
+ Richard