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Re: [m-hb] MIT Guild of Bellringers Annual Meeting

Thanks! I had just copied and pasted from my earlier email, forgetting to 
check with Genni's notes as well...


On May 9, 2011, at 2:31 AM, Cally Perry wrote:

> See below the actual current officers, per Genni's minutes.
> I can't make the meeting this Monday, as I'll be in Atlantic City for
> a business meeting.  I give my proxy to Elaine.
> I do have some nominations.  I nominate Dennis Wilson to the offices
> of Director of Tune Ringers.   We haven't been so much about actually
> doing any tune ringing, but we didn't lend the bells to John Harbison
> a couple of times, and Dennis and I went to the locker to deal with
> the tune ringing bells a couple of times, and he *cleaned* and
> *polished* them.  And the bulletin board!  He did that!  I choose to
> believe these count as "meeting", and would like any votes I earned by
> turning up on those occasions cast for Dennis.  He rocks.
> I also nominate Dennis Wilson to the office of Keeper of Handbells,
> c.f. above bits about the cleaning and the polishing.   I don't notice
> it saying anything about this in the new constitution, but the keeper
> of handbells is generally in charge of handbell practice when the
> ringing master is not around.
> I nominate Naomi Schurr to the office of president.  She actually
> comes to handbells, for one thing.  She even brought her sister. She
> rocks.
> I would like to thank Theresa for doing an absolutely spectacular job
> as president for her entire undergraduate career.  No one has ever
> done such a good job dealing with ASA stuff and reserving rooms on
> time, and we are grateful.  Will you please graduate, stay here, and
> take up ringing again now that you have time?
>  I suggest that no matter who actually gets elected to office, we
> make sure that at least Dennis and Naomi are authorized to reserve
> rooms.
>  I nominate Oliver Kosut to the office of Ringing Master.
>  I would also like to thank Ricky for doing a terrific job as Ringing
> Master for the last two years.  It would be fine with me for you to be
> ringing master two years out of every three.
>    Have fun!
>        *waves*
>        Cally
> Current officers from Genni's notes (thanks for actually taking notes, 
> Genni!)
> President: Theresa re-elected; unanimous
> Ringing Master: Ricky re-elected; unanimous
> Steeple Keeper: Ricky re-elected; unanimous
> Keeper of the hand bells: Elaine re-elected; unanimous
> Treasurer & Secretary: Asher re-elected; unanimous
> Director of tune ringers: we were all unable to vote, so no vote was held
> Historian: Laura re-elected; unanimous
> Clapper Correspondent: Dianne re-elected; unanimous
> Webmaster/Webmistress: Mira re-elected: unanimous
> On Sun, May 8, 2011 at 10:41 PM, Richard Edward Morse <pukku mac com> 
> wrote:
>> Hi! This is just a reminder that the annual meeting of the MIT Guild of 
>> Bellringers is tomorrow/tonight at 7:30p at Monday night handbells. 
>> This is in MIT room 5-232. See http://whereis.mit.edu for a campus map.
>> Here are the current officers:
>> - President: Teresa
>> - Treasurer / Secretary: Asher
>> - Keeper of Handbells: Cally?
>> - Steeple Keeper: Ricky
>> - Ringing Master: Ricky
>> - Clapper Correspondent: Laura
>> - Director of Tune Ringers: ?
>> - Historian: ?
>> - Webmaster: Mira (?)
>> The constitution is at 
>> http://mit.edu/bellringers/Constitution/newconst.txt
>> See you there!
>> Ricky
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