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MIT Guild Of Bellringers AGM Minutes 2011

Dear all, 

Here are the minutes from the the MIT Guild of Bellringers AGM - held on 
Monday May 9th 2011 at MIT in room 5-232 at 7:30 pm. If anything has been 
missed or not correctly recorded, please let me know and I can add a note.

• Present: Jeff DelPapa, Laura Dickerson, Danielle Morse, Lorraine Davis 
(visiting), Naomi Schurr, Ricky Morse, Oliver Kosut, Daniel O'Donovan and 
Elaine Hansen. Apologies: Cally Perry (my apologies if anyone else sent in 
their absences).

• Previous Years Minutes: ..were reviewed
        • Everyone is happy with the new Saturday and Sunday practise 
        • The tune ringing handbells have been cleaned, but are not often 

• Election of Officers:
        • President - Naomi Schurr was elected by unanimous consent to the 
office of President.
        • Treasurer and Secretary - Asher Kavoth re-elected by unanimous 
        • Ringing Master - both Oliver Kosut and Daniel O'Donovan were 
nominated. Through polite discussion and agreement Daniel O'Donovan was 
elected as Ringing Master.
        • Steeple Keeper - Ricky Morse re-elected by unanimous consent.
        • Director of Tune Ringers - Dennis Wilson elected by unanimous 
        • Keeper of the hand bells - Elaine Hansen re-elected by unanimous 
        • Historian - Laura Dickerson re-elected by unanimous consent. 
        • Clapper Correspondent - Laura Dickerson re-elected by unanimous 
consent, for both guilds - delegated back to the Advent Guild. 
        • Webmistress - Mira Whiting re-elected re-elected by unanimous 

• Any Other Business:
        • Donations / Contributions / Subscriptions to the Clapper, the 
Ringing World and Campanophile. Donations to be made to the Ringing World 
and Campanophile and managed by Laura via PayPal.
        • Rope Condition - deemed by Ricky to be in fairly good nick - 
half spliced above the sally. 
        • Combination of Hand Bell and Change Ringing list suggested, but 
decided against due to HB list being mainly for scheduling with little 
interest to CR and v.v. 
        • Danielle suggested we make a new order for shirts and Ricky 
asked for hand-bells to be integrated into the logo. Integrating HB 
decided to be too difficult, but new order for shirts will be investigated.
        • Damage to Old North windows and deterioration of steps to 
ringing chamber discussed. Laura will approach the church about repairing 

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm.

Daniel O'Donovan
dan odonovan gmail com